Friday, October 22, 2010

J.Cole Feat. Fashawn & Omen - Relaxation

[J. Cole]
It’s ya n-gga, deep thinker, big drinker
late night, with ya wife in ya crib sneaker
when you out of town, and you not around
turn your ass over like a n-gga stepped out of bounds
crowd around young’n
I got ammo and a lot of rounds coming
up in the streets where you not allowed, runnin’
got the songs bitches ride around hummin’
and the n-ggas stay thumpin’
and the hater’s hate pumpin’
got the 808′s bumpin’
so the trunks stay thumpin’
and the n-gga get high only on occasion in
my mind too wild
damn thought weed supposed to calm you down
but I’m so high I can palm two clouds
boy look, these n-ggas quote my lines like the Lord’s book
you n-ggas less rhymes more hooks
more bucks but less love
you hear them drums, ?uestlove
no Roots, I’m so truth
I used to rock sidelines like a coat suit
had to look at all them loafers, yeah them boat shoes
now I’m in the game but I wont boast to you dummy
remember n-ggas had short jokes for my money
toast to the honey’s, money and the liquor
and bitch I don’t sound like any other n-gga
with my finger on the trigger
I burn rappers like Henny on the liver
grant death wishes like a genie I’ma killer
Lord giveth and he taketh like an Indian giver
hard to keep jimmy in zipper
when you got them bad Anne Vivians with ya
Remy and weed, I got em on Pluto
I like Henny but the hoes prefer Nuvo.

Check, every time a n-gga roll,
old school (?) and it’s sittin on (?)
hoes on me when I enter the door
if a n-gga wanna trip, good grip on the chrome
empty out a clip from the fifth then I’m gone
twist up a spliff, get a fifth of Patron
hate a chick who just talk sh-t on the phone

baby I’m tryna stick, give ya dicks to ya dome, sh-t
if I was you n-gga I would hate him
hot August nights I’m out there in Vegas
stuntin til time, had that patience
now it’s big faces, fly vacations
alias Shawn stacks
miss shows, never call back
blowin’ Dro sippin tall cats
on the low had to crawl back
n-ggas wonder if it’s all raps
or it’s all facts…

As I step in the toe like Fe fi foe
with the heat like flow and the beat typo
better rewrite yo, get your rhyming straight
get murked plus 8 like Jon and Kate
I mean it’s time for the face off
hit the corner like an 8 ball
me not concentrate like adorf
no time for I had a get a day job
me on the mind you aint even on the radar
never bring it but I never been a fiend for her silly ways
so I’m tryna get the cream til I’m silly paid
couldn’t put her on the team, every week another reason
thats fiend like Billy Mays
gotta grind gotta focus
gotta shine through the minds of the blind light the hopeless
never confined to the rhymes that I’ve chosen
moment of silence the Times gotta quote this!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

J.Cole is fire

This nigga is on fiiiiiree

Uh, these niggas is playing Russian roulette with a full clip, foolish
My crew is foolless naw we don't dance all we do is stay two steps ahead
Make the hoes get loose like a noose neck-Instead while these dudes beg for head
They got the game twisted, heavy traffic in this rap shit
Look how my lane shifted, elevated my game, lifted my name
Now these lame niggas could never get it
Like that bad bitch you wanted but could never hit it
Clever with it, my flow like a devil spit it and heaven sent it
So high if I dropped I would fall for 11 minutes
So yea, I operate on a higher plain, my thoughts take a higher train
It's dope, then you should know the suppliers name
It's J. Cole, set of horns and a halo
And all these hoes [? ] wanna text-us like Waco
It's hard to remain faithful niggas be throwing hate
Yo I'm in a league of my own so what the fuck would I play for!?
Some next niggas almost slide in but didn't fit in
Naw I ain't Maury Povich but who the fuck is you kid-in?
These big weight niggas throwing their bid in
Try not to show stress
I guess the flow is protested like a sit in
I told my niggas we would get in
But that ain't even half the battle
Stay behind like a shadow
Or you catapult
Not if I had a ladder or not even if I had a rope
I'd climb that motherfucker to the top and never let it go!

(I'm out for presidents to represent me nigga!)
I out or president to represent me, yea!
I'm out for dead fuckin presidents to represent me! -The warm up!
Yea, the warm up! -yea the warm up
(This is, the warm up!)
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[Verse 2:]
Ay, look heaven or hell you choose
Freedom or jail, you lose
I can't stop em as hot as the devils shoes
Overcame a low life status to blow like Gladys
Ahead of my time like I live my whole life backwards
I'm nothing like these hoe-like rappers
My whole life practice to be the one
What's it like to be Lebron
They calling you the saviour, so much pressure but you deal with it
The weight of the world on your shoulders but you still lift it
I'll with it for real, lil nigga from Ville that real niggas can feel
Nobody taught us how to cook still niggas a grill
No Foreman, try not to call them ladies Bs but them hoes swarmin
Now honey, Ay is it destiny or is it money your feelin
Heard rumors of a deal and now you thinkin a million
Pardon my paranoid mind but I'm starin in the mirror livin in fear that things a never be the same
No one left for me to blame but myself cause I asked for this
Headed for fame but in my brain, hey can I last in this?
Ay five years I'll probably laugh at this
Try not to let it wear me out like a bad bitch with fashion sense
I keep it fresh while these whack niggas rehash and shit
Jackin styles you know, ski mask and shit
I pass these niggas, they trynna do it how these other niggas did it
I'm trynna live it how no other niggas ever lived it!

[Repeat Chorus:]

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Dubstep

Started making dubstep about a month or two ago as a hobby, don't really have any fame aspirations its more for self interest and progressing as a producer. I use fruity loops 9 and heres 2 of my songs, will upload the latest ones in due time.

Best New-School rappers

Heres my list of the best new school rappers, new school as-in just got popular and starting to blow up. (in no order)

Wiz Khalifa
Freddie Gibbs
Big Sean
Nipsey Hu$$le
Jay Electronica
Pac Div (Group)

Freddie Gibbs

is the TRUTH

Hip Hap